How much does a food service worker make an hour?

Job offers are high in retail and food services, as more and more Americans are spending money on stores and restaurants. Perform a variety of food preparation tasks in addition to cooking, such as preparing cold food and seafood, cutting meat, and making coffee or tea. The states and areas with the highest levels of published employment, location quotients and salaries for food preparation workers are provided. If you're thinking about becoming a food service worker or are planning the next step in your career, find details about a food service worker's position, career path, and salary history.

For a list of all industries employing food preparation workers, see the Create custom tables feature. Jobs in retail and food services generally require little formal education or training, making these jobs accessible to most applicants. You know if you're paid fairly as a food service worker if your salary is close to the state's average salary in the one who lives. The darkest areas on the map show where food service workers earn the highest salaries in all 50 states.

Salary estimates are based on 8,450 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by an employee of a food service worker in Brooklyn, New York. For a list of all areas employed by food preparation workers, see the Create custom tables feature.

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